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fillers for repair and reinstating stone and timber 9 - timber putty with colour pigments. 2. modified wax fillers a. wood putty method. wood putty is a substance used to fill imperfections, such as nail holes, minor

welcome to home-fix - slippery floors are a common problem in many households in singapore. putty knifeuseful for applying putty, glue, etc. and for scraping residual substances

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adhesives singapore hobby supplies pte ltd - this medium viscosity adhesive is ideal for use with wood and other porous materials. ..deluxe perfect plastic putty fills fine gaps, creates invisible seams and

wood floor repair -- is it wood or is it putty? youtube - 18 apr 2017 woodfloorconservancy.org/wood-floor-repair floorwright wood floor repair instructional video shows the floorwright's apprentice

epoxy stick/epoxy putty mohawk finishing - bonds to: plastic, fiberglass, brass, nylon, aluminum, glass and wood. large defects can be filled with mohawk's 5 minute epoxy putty without the need of any

lepage® interior tinted wood filler lepage products - lepage® tinted wood filler is a quality interior synthetic latex wood filler for cracks, holes and surface imperfections. it is a smooth, buttery paste that spreads

grain filler wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - a grain filler or paste wood filler is a woodworking product that is used to achieve a smooth-textured wood finish by filling pores in the wood grain. it is used.