should you build your deck from wood or plastic? - 31 jul 2017 you'll find most types of wood decking at your local lumberyard, although availability may vary depending on where you live. a growing they're all very dense, hard, heavy, durable, and naturally resistant to rot and insects.

your ultimate guide to the 5 materials that make a modern deck - however, thanks to an explosion of composite lumber, plastic decking and hardwood imports, there's now a dizzying array of in most regions of the country, redwood and cedar each cost at least three times more than pressure-treated lumber. these exotic, rich-grained woods are extremely hard, very durable and naturally resistant to rot and insects. .build your first robot: step-by-step-plans.

which is the best decking material: wood or composite? angies list - a professional deck builder explains the pros and cons of natural wood versus man-made composites for deck materials to help you estimate like most deck builders, i can't recommend the right deck material without talking to you and answering these questions first. .we are going to replace the deck for appearance sake because we are selling very soon and will be replacing it with a wood deck.

wood decks bob vila - when it comes to wood decks, here's everything you need to know about planning, materials, and maintenance. the quality and quantity of living space in your yard,” he adds, “you can build a deck knowing you'll recoup, on average, 82 percent of the project's cost when you sell your home.” these species are more durable, more difficult to work with and more expensive,” says the.

pros and cons of composite decks quicken loans zing blog - 12 apr 2017 if you don't want to completely replace your existing wood deck, you can use these tiles to cover the entire area. while composite decks won't rot and are considered more durable than wood, it doesn't mean they're

wood decking materials this old house - pressure treated wood: lasting about 15 years, this is the least expensive and most common type of decking. to perfect your yard with a new deck, here's information on the pros and cons of the various materials you may use to build it.

wood vs. composite decks --- great day improvements - great day improvements can build you deck, whether you decide to use wood or composite decking. as with most things in life, both wood and composite materials come in low, mid and high end quality. additionally, hollow boards are not as sturdy and can hold water internally, which in turn can lead to warping and

the best woods for decks and porches architecture - pressure-treated pine resists rot and repels pests, but the green-tinged lumber is unsightly and the pesticides it contains are unhealthy. to build a safer, more attractive deck, choose a prettier yet still durable wood for the floors, railings, and

what are the best types of wood for fences redbeacon - here are a few of the most highly-prized species and their respective pros and cons. how much does a fence build cost? some of the most durable and beautiful fence, deck, and outdoor woods of any kind come from south america..