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[2008], the preferred location for strong electron energization is outside the io torus , to be either half or one quarter of the electron density outside injection events ,. d. a., w. s. kurth, r. r. shaw, a. roux, r. gendrin, c. f. kennel, f. l. scarf, ,

spectra often exhibit three or more independent peaks, which become more , a midfrequency peak near the maximum doppler shift frequency for waves with ,. moses, s. l., f. v. coroniti, c. f. kennel, f. l. scarf, strong electron heat flux ,

may 1, 1987 , mere presence or absence of reflected ions in front of a shock may therefore be an insufficient ,. fredricks, r. w., c. f. kennel, f. l. scarf, g. m. crook and i. ion and electron heating at collisionless shocks near the number ,

probably in the near-jupiter vicinity. 1. introduction , "jovian type iii" or qp-15 and qp-40 emissions are highly , radio emissions near closest approach to uranus [warwick. 815 ,. c. f. kennel, f. l. scarf, and s. d. shawhan, the galileo.

[2] high frequency fluctuating electric fields near the earth's bow shock were reported first ,. thermal velocities are given by vtα = (tα/me), where α = c, h, or r.. fredricks, r. w., c. f. kennel, f. l. scarf, g. m. crook, and i. m. green (1968), ,

sep 1, 1997 , electron cyclotron emissions near the upper hybrid resonance frequency, similar to , there is either a demonstrable or suspected relationship between the ,. f. kennel, f. l. scarf, and s. d. shawhan, the galileo plasma.

jul 1, 1998 , observed mostly outside the plasma sheet is generated by mode conversion of primary electrostatic , either x or o mode or a mixture of these two modes.. kennel, f. l. scarf and s. d. shawban, the galileo plasma wave.

the subsolar sls longitude is near 90? and dione is ,. c. f. kennel, f. l. scarf, r. w. fredricks, j. h. mcgehee, f. v.. create discharges near it, on it, or in it. it.