i’ve said it before, but pallets are made of hardwood and that makes them great for outdoor projects. they will last the test of time (and they will look awesome ,

love pallets! this diy pallet patio = another great idea on how to recycle old pallets into a fabulous modern home/garden deck design. illustrated tutorial.

diy pallet deck diy floating pallet deck. over the course of the summer we couldn't decide how to landscape around our fire pit.

pallets can be used in different ways such as to create huts, racks, tool holders, flower beds, fences and pallet patio deck. all these objects can add to the

our side yard was an area that needed attention, so we built a wood pallet deck and added new outdoor furniture, , i just love this diy! what a lovely use of pallets!

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a library of photos, diy tutorials, and photographs for furniture and crafts made by upcycling shipping pallets into beautiful wooden works of art.

protect a several discarded wooden pallets from your land fill and you can have a brand new bar, couch, potting shed, move or also an entire outside patio

diy pallet furniture design and decor ideas for your garden. wooden shipping pallets sofa or couch, beds, coffee tables, chairs recycle ideas.