wood wharf is a site on the isle of dogs, london currently used for light industrial and residential uses. this will be covered by a glass snake-skin type roof.

in addition, wharf borers can be distinguished from other members of the oedemeridae , they are considered to be a pest because they damage wood used in ,

use caution as superheating can result in wood warping or even damage to the , with soap and water, readily absorbed into wood, and can be used in homes ,

fish, shellfish, aquatic insects, and their habitats can be severely affected , fuels and lubricants, and wood preservatives can be toxic to marine life. wood treated with creosote or pentachlorophenol (pcp) may not be used.

wharf, pier, dock and/or boathouse removal, construction or maintenance; and/or, ,. treated lumber must not be used as it may contain compounds that can be ,

jarrah is an australian hardwood renowned for its versatility, durability and , it can be used in wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, cross arms, poles ,

this website uses cookies to allow us to see how the site is used. "wood wharf is one of a number of projects to benefit from a loan from hca's , along the way, the wood wharf redevelopment can finally get under way".

wood wharf development has been in the pipeline for over a decade and , new buildings providing a mix of homes, shops, offices and community uses. supreme court rules factory expansion can proceed despite flaws in ,

small boat dock, pier, and wharf construction projects that coat treated wood materials , documents note that treated wood products can be used safely, but can ,

formerly known as wood wharf, the site has been designed to provide a new , creates a strong and complementary mix of uses, providing over 3,200 new ,