over 30 years of experience in manufacture and delivery of precast concrete slabs and precast and reinforced concrete floors as well as hollow core,

pre-stressed, hollow-core concrete slabs offer several advantages over in-situ floor casting, including speed of erection, lower building costs and consistent quality ,

precast hollow core hollowcore strescore stresscore plank. producers of corefloor hollow-core slab. prestressed concrete slab systems

hollow core slabs are prestressed floor elements with voids. their excellent load-bearing capacity and structural efficiency allow you to build large areas with fewer

experts in precast hollow-core concrete floor slabs; both traditionally reinforced floors and prestressed floors and walls. established in 1983 echo ,

thicker slabs can be hollow-core concrete floors over basements ontario developer chooses precast , the hollow - c o r e concrete floor provides fire safety and

hollow core slabs hollow core slabs are extremely strong when supported in their intended manner; however, they can be

4 introduction to hollow-core members 1.1 echo floors (reinforced hollow-core slabs) available in gauteng and surrounding areas echo floors provide a complete service ,

hollowcore flooring hollowcore flooring consists of precast, prestressed concrete slabs which have tubular voids running through their length.