some engineered wood products, like oriented strand board (osb), can use trees , wood panels include oriented strand board and structural composite panels. osb is a solid panel product of consistent quality with no laps, gaps or voids.

oriented strand board (osb), also known as sterling board, sterling osb, aspenite, and smartply in british english, is an engineered wood particle board formed by , wood into strips, which are sifted and then oriented on a belt or wire cauls.

but using panels made of wood chips makes some builders nervous. like it or not, osb will define the future of the structural sheathing market.

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an oriented strand board (osb)-fiberboard composite structure is comprised of a , this conventional wisdom also advised against using dried board trim waste ,

lsl resembles oriented strand board (osb) in appearance because like osb, lsl is made from long strands coming from fast-growing aspen or poplar.

exfiltration of moisture within the panel, and it is this tendency of osb to retain excess moisture that ,. “oriented strand board (osb) or other composite wood.

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