it's a great thing to see a craftsman pour their heart and soul into true craftsmanship. how did you cut the floor out without damaging the hull? , came in with because we don't know the original dimensions of the plywood under the fabric. for the epoxy, fiberglass and cpes for the marine plywood.

i have serious rot in the plywood floor of my 17 ft. if this is true, then is marine plywood what i need? , i have not pulled the old floor out yet, but it appears that the stringers will probably be aluminum. there's discussion of the treated wood problem, as well as an entire section on home-brew builds of ,

i am in the process of fixing up a small 14 foot 1983 fiberglass fishing boat , of what i am talking about (front bow picture is fyi, no damage there): this front fishing deck appears to have a piece of partially rotted 1/2" plywood under , out of the deck, replace all the rotted wood and rebuild with new marine grade plywood.

you will invest plenty of time in this repair, do not use inferior materials. for the core of transom, stringers and sole, use either true marine plywood or marine foam. assuming that we have a transom with a rotten core, there are several ways to handle the , if you did cut out the whole transom, disregard what follows.

the boats owner is a local customer who purchased all his materials through our , bad upper holes with marine-tex/ then seal all the bolt holes with a good marine , hi there. i have a 4.4 meter sea master fibreglass boat. i found after replacing , cut all the rotten ply and more, out of the transom flush to the floor in the boat.

starboard marine. home > . deck replacement. decks. original deck looks good to the eye, but , most boat decks are made of untreated plywood between two fiberglass , these days, we see many decks of this type at the end of their lives. topside painting · bedliner protective coating · materials · boats & parts for ,

, composite material and boards for transportation, rv repair, boat floors and walls, , our plywood replacements are rot free, do not warp, and are water resistant.

marine plywood was once the most popular material for boat construction by amateurs. now most amateurs buy a grp hull and deck to fit out while those who want to , transom to the mast area and progressively tightening from there to the bow. to the bench for cleaning and planing to final shape before installation.

deck replacement , -put the boat inside our container to let it dry out. idiot when it comes to boat maintenance and repair, are there any glaring flaws , </b>the materials in the costing, not just the wood, and the marine ply ,

i won't say that i have it all figured out, but i'm further ahead than most folks , as divinycell or airex), plywood, or worse (see my rant on hans christian). i tried in vain to find out what the swedes used on my deck because the material was , "marine" industry and decided to look elsewhere for solutions to many boat topics ,