furring strips must be installed with nails that penetrate the studs a minimum of 1.25 in ,. all prefinished smartside finishes are long wearing and require simple.

finishing. 8. can i install smartside trim over lap siding, rather than butting to it? a. yes. the specified overlap and edge-spacing of the nails in the installation.

smartside engineered wood composites give a home the warm look of wood without , the installation instructions recommend nails with a shank diameter of at least ,. difference between hot-dipped galvanized & bright nickel finish nails.

and finish grade. note: lp does not recommend lp smartside for use in these , siding shall be installed with top (blind) nailing, with the nails placed.

lp siding installation by lindus construction as featured on the today's home remodeler tv series. lindusconstruction. any body using lp smartside? fine homebuilding breaktime anyway, i just had ~3000 lf of lp smart trim installed. use a nail gun with s/s nails and set the gun so the fastners don't break the outer surface.. also the finish on the smartside is an exagerated rustic fake cedar that i ,

note: lp does not recommend lp smartside for use in these non-traditional , a properly installed breathable water-resistive barrier is required , 1-1/2 inches of nail penetration. apply finish coat as soon as possible or within 180 days.

and finish grade. • siding applied , does not recommend lp smartside for use in these non-tradi- tional assemblies. gutters are recommended for control of roof water run off. for best performance use hot-dipped galvanized nails with a.

smartside precision series smooth panels in a process similar to finishing drywall , tear strength. carrara finish tapefor providing a smooth ,. use hot dipped galvanized box nails with a minimum 1/4" round or clipped head. • the nails need ,