the filabot turns soda bottles and other scrap plastic into inexpensive 3d printing filaments.

see part 1 diy hdpe extruder recycle your milk jugs and many more things into 3d printable filament i've ,

june 27, 2017. the high costs of 3-d printing continue keeping it from achieving mass consumer adoption. compared to plastic, 3d printer filament is really ,

singapore-based nevhouse builds efficient prefab houses out of recycled plastic waste. the low-cost homes require minimal maintenance, ,

greetings, i am looking for an inexpensive way to grind individual , i have been wanting a machine to recycle plastic to make filament for my ,

because oil is cheap—and it's easier to extract a natural resource out of the , there are two problems to be solved when recycling plastic, ,

"it's powerful enough to light up a home. but more than that, it's environmentally friendly, inexpensive and easy to make."--

made from recycled plastic, these outdoor rugs help to reduce landfill use and perform extremely well in uncovered outdoor spaces.

low cost filament extruder made from 10 mm id stainless steel tube, silver soldered inside an ordinary plumber 15 mm copper tube (melt zone) ,

cheap handmade bird feeder designs offer creative wood and plastic recycling ideas which turn plastic bottles, containers and reclaimed wood pieces into ,