cross timbers decking reviews - cross timbers composite decking material is manufactured by elk corp. in dallas, tx. cross timbers is available in new cedar, pewter gray, sandalwood and weathered wood colors and can span 24" joist spans. cross timbers can be

crosstimbers decking application instructions austin wholesale - straight and square, as the crosstimbers deck boards will conform to the level and boards. for 5/4x6 boards a minimum screw length of 2 1/4" is needed; for. crosstimbers 2x6 decking a minimum screw length of 3" is 5/4" x 6" voided. 24".

top 6 complaints and reviews about gaf-elk materials corporation - i purchased 1,700 square feet of this companies gaf elk crosstimber exterior deck product. the company they refused to pay for repair or replacement of deck boards that are stained, due to their defective material. the material cost in

residential timber decks close to or on the ground queensland - when designing and building timber decks where timber is less than 400 mm from or on the ground, note: cca treated decking boards shall not be used in residential applications. timber sizes. for sizes of bearers, joists and allowable joist joist crossing with two nails. the over-watering of pot plants standing on timber decks should be avoided. it is recommended that pots be placed in drip trays.

timber deck fixing guide: tabma - that a suitable type of timber is chosen for the decking boards and supporting timbers. those timbers that the filer reduces the moisture collecting in the void and the subsequent staining of decking. joists. nailing. hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel, 2 nails per board crossing. machine driven. hand-driven. hardwood.

#265998 genovations book 12-10.cdr genova products - this ultra low maintenance alternative to wood and other engineered decking products does not have any foam or .after the decking is installed, the stain and fade resistance warranty will be voided. qizhen 1320. cross timbers 1722.

working with qizhen composite decking hometips - expert advice on how to install and work with our and other composite decking materials, how to cut and fasten our, and solid “boards” are simpler to deal with, but heavy, hollow types are lighter but fussier to install. you can make simple cross cuts in composite decking the same way you would cut any soft pine—a power circular saw will work fine. besides creating a rougher finish, deep countersinking can reduce the effectiveness of the fastener and void the warranty.

weyerhaeuser deck fasteners 101 - 9 dec 2014 “that's what you get when you use cheap fasteners,” notes paul mackie, aka “mr. cedar,” of the western red cedar lumber association (wrcla). the best option is stainless steel, which is the least likely to react with water