painting concrete floors allows for creativity and is an inexpensive way to turn drab concrete into a colorful attractive floor. carpet is a simple method for covering ,

, cover and a tight a budget, it's time to explore less expensive flooring options. advances in concrete finishing techniques as well as natural and man-made ,

does anyone have a simple, inexpensive solution to covering concrete basement floors? we have done various things, including linoleum blocks. however ,

you want a floor that's attractive, durable -- and cheap. ceramic tile covers small cracks and defects in the concrete, but it must have grout between joints and ,

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cheap garage flooring options can still have value. it for a little over $30 a gallon and will cover 300 to 400 square feet. these sealers will highlight your bare concrete floor by coating it with a clear, thin acrylic film.

the easiest, and probably the least expensive way to cover your concrete floor is to have a carpet spread over it. there are many stores that ,

in this article we look at a variety of inexpensive kitchen flooring options, that will be able to stand up to the rigors of the kitchen, without breaking your bank.

it's also critical to inspect your existing concrete basement floor and make , $500 for enough backerboard to cover the floor of a 600 sq. ft. basement. the least expensive and easiest to install options for basement flooring.