in general all deck stains are sealers as well as they will help prevent water absorption. deck sealers typically are not stains as they do not have any pigment.

deck stain reviews and ratings for all major exterior wood stain and sealer brands. deck staining help and how to restoration advice.

deck finishes fall into two categories: sealers and stains. both are formulated to seal out the elements. as their name implies, clear sealers are nonpigmented ,

also learn which types are the worst deck stains to use. come in one of two categories: water-based deck sealers and oil based deck sealers.

read all 68 reviews ,. my deck and fence have been stained for years and still look good. over 34 years in michigan where the weather can go from one extreme to the next and through the years i have used many brands of deck sealers.

consumer reports has honest ratings and reviews on wood stains from the , stain we tested protects, we coated sections of a deck with various wood stains.

askthebuilder our founder tim carter shows the results of the deck stain he applied 5.5 months earlier. he tells the names of the ,

what about thompsons water sealer and all the others? , "one tyme" is the best deck stain i have found for my pressured ,. book reviews

referred to variously as sealers, coatings, protectors, and stains, finishes penetrate the wood's surface to slow down its ability to absorb ,