below you'll find smart woodworking techniques including quick tips, advice for beginners and more advanced methods to improve your skills and allow you to ,

more people are using recycled plastic/wood composite lumber for decks and other various projects. although each manufacturer of recycled plastic lumber has ,

wood is still the king of decking materials, but the widespread , which material is best for your new deck or deck-remodeling project will ,

people choose woodplastic composite (wpc) or even plastic lumber (pl) over wood because they want the finished project to resist rot, ,

this project requires a full size shopbot and uses 3 sheets of 1/2" plywood. it cuts with a , the sample was left its natural wood color with only clear coats applied for the final finish. however ,. materials: 1” thick wood, plastic, etc, minimum ,

building projects can take a more green approach with the use of recycled plastic lumber instead of traditional lumber from trees. recycled materials have come ,

recycled plastic molded lumber is suited for more structural purposes than our trim lumber. molded lumber is often used for furniture parts, posts, and decks.

in general, super glues are not good for foamed plastic, unless specified on the bottle. cyanoacrylates work particularly well for balsa wood projects.

when i project is complete it will be able to burn and cut plastic and paper and some very fine woods. this project is fun to make but be careful cause it can burn!!

homemade plastic lumber. you can make plastic lumber at home for projects that you have in mind. it's not easy, however, and there are dangers as well as ,