hit and miss fencing is so called because the pales or boards are alternately fixed on the front and the back of the fence panel inturn, they over-lap and create a ,

hit and miss fence panels from jacksons fencing. quality timber fence panels that allow the wind to pass through the panel.

hit and miss fencing, guaranteed for 25 years - nbs q40 available to download.

hit and miss fencing. this type of fencing is less obtrusive then the close boarded type fence as it has gaps between the boards to let the wind through.

hit and miss for combining privacy fencing with lower wind resistance, vary spacing to suit locality & customer requirements.

we are pleased to offer hit and miss fencing panels as part of our uk fence range. our panels are ready-made, aesthetically pleasing and are ideal as garden ,

hit and miss fencing is so called because the boards are fixed in turn with spacing in-between each board. call us today on 01989 489 123 for ,

closed boarded hit and miss fencing panels at great prices, with a range of heights available. check out our latest offers on garden fence panels at ,

closeboard hit and miss from elbec garden buildings. prices shown are for a pack of 3 panels.

timber hit and miss fence to be. 1800mm high for privacy adjacent building and raking to 1000mm high at perimeter. 100 x 75mm timber posts with angle tops.