i'm thinking of using 8mil (or 10mil, if nessacary) plastic sheet or vinyl sheet between the joists and the decking. edit: 20" wide aluminum ,

high-end composite decking is often encased in a plastic shell that resists fading, , don't just assume it can span joists on 16-inch centers.

watch helpful videos to learn how-to install our composite decking and railing, or download the installation guides.

the dominant solution for waterproofing areas below decks is to drape plastic membranes within joist spaces below decking to form troughs.

more than 70 percent of recycled plastic bags (over 1.5 billion of them!) ,. composite decking can be fastened to treated wood joists with ,

in this how-to video, learn to create a maintenance-free deck with toh , 8 use plastic tapping block and hammer to drive the sharpened , 9 use drill/driver to drive one screw through each hidden fastener and into the joists.

plastic composite is not strong enough to use for the deck structure: supporting joists, stair stringers, and posts. composite plastic works well for the decking itself ,